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With the motto of continuously improving quality and diversifying products to meet the higher and higher demand of civil market and construction projects with strict technical requirements, in 2018 and beginning of 2019, SSSC’s R&D team has launched new products such as SMP, PVDF, and Sapphire PPGL.

High-end pre-painted color steel sheets

High-end pre-painted color steel sheets (PVDF, SMP, Super SMP) are developed to supply to industrial construction projects, architectures with requirements of good taste and durability, and especially, projects in regions with harsh environment.

Differently from the traditional pre-painted color steel sheets in which Polyester paint is used, the high-end ones are with special paint such as SMP (Silicon Modified Polyester), SP (Super Polyester), Polyvinylidene Fluoride (PVDF) which can increase the durability of colors and the protection of paint layer in 10 to 20 years. Particularly, PVDF paint is used to protect and colorize steel sheets for the best durability against weather, based on the combination of Polyvinylidene fluoride polymer with other components like inorganic color powder in ceramic form. PVDF steel sheets are designed for outdoor projects with over 20-year durability. Simultaneously, high-end pre-painted color steel sheets have the steel base of GL with coating thickness AZ100 – AZ200 which improves their quality.

Sapphire PPGL

Sapphire PPGL is one of the new products that SSSC launched in 2018 and has become popular among end-users ever since. Sapphire PPGL makes the roof look like there are thousands of sapphire gemstone glittering under the sun and challenging the time. Thanks to the diversification with 5 colors, users have more options for their roofs. Special paint is used on the surface, which increases the durability, reduces the heat and creates cool air inside the house.

Especially, Sapphire PPGL is suitable for many kinds of architecture with traditional or modern design in resorts, villas, houses with gardens.